Rev. Daryl Jordan

Psalm 119:9 (HCSB)
 How can a young  man (person) keep his way pure? By keeping Your word.

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I want to use numerous scriptures today to talk with you from the thought " living in the presence of God." So pray for me and with me as I attempt to give you the word of the Lord.

            There is a Latin phrase "Coram Deo" which translates "in the presence of God." In Christian theology, Coram Deo is the idea of Christians living in the very presence of God, under the authority of God, and to the honor and glory of God. To live in the presence of God is to understand that wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, we are acting under the all watchful eye of God. How different would the world be if everyone lived as if God was right by their side every hour every minute and every second of the day?
Well He is and He does!            God says in Jeremiah 23:23-24 (KJV) Am I a God at hand, saith the LORD, and not a God afar off? 24  Can any hide in secret places that I shall not see him? Saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? Saith the LORD. There is nowhere and never a time God does not witness our actions and behavior. God is omnipresent. That means God is everywhere and there is nowhere He is not, He is in all places at the same time, in all and above all. The Bible says His eye goes through out all the earth. There is no place so remote that we can escape His penetrating gaze. David said, Ps 139:7 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy presence? That word presence in Hebrew translates into the "face of God."  Mountains hide from the presence of God, heavens drop rain at the presence of God, the earth shakes at the presence of God, mountains melt like wax at the presence of a Holy God. Adam and Eve hid from the presence of God after they had sinned. God drove Cain out of his presence after killing Able. Jonah the prophet to Nineveh, tried to run away from the presence of the Lord, and David cried cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy spirit from me. At the end of time, there will be many casts in utter darkness which is death that complete separation from the presence of God. But the believer shall spend eternity with God in Heaven; He will be our God and we His people. Our life should be a life lived aware of His presence and desirous of His presence every day. Someone said, "Having the reality of God’s presence is not dependent on our being in a particular circumstance or place, but is only dependent on our determination to keep the Lord before us continually." Our lives should be lived to honor and reverence God, under the authority of His commandments and every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, and all glory given to Him. Living in the presence of God means I have a relationship and fellowship with him. My life honors Him, footsteps ordered by Him, my life is a living sacrifice unto Him.  

            Look at what 1 Chronicles 16:27 (KJV) says, Glory and honor are in his presence; strength and gladness are in his place. Those that live their life acknowledging God will be exalted elevated, given the honor, respect, by others around them. The presence of God in your life will open doors for you, elevate you to higher heights, and put you in good graces of others. When you walk in the presence of God, He brings you into favor with others. Did not the Hebrews boys find favor with the eunuch? Joseph, the wisdom of God seen in His life and He was made second in the kingdom of the Pharoah. When you walk with God, God will walk with you, make your enemies your footstool, open doors you cannot see, allow men to sow into your bosom, the presence of God in your life gives the strength to climb the rugged hills and stand in the valley of the shadow of death. There is power in the presence of God. Without His constant presence we cannot live the Christian life or be steadfast in His service.  A life lived in the presence of God is a life lived by principle, not expediency; by humility before God, not rebellion, walking in submission, not defiance, walks in love not hate.  It is a life lived under the tutelage of conscience that is held captive by the Word of God.

Exodus 33: 14 (KJV)  And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. Moses wanted God's presence, not angels. Moses felt he could do nothing without God. In the presence of God, there is protection from the enemy, provision for the journey and power to overcome. God's presence gives the courage to go through; it provides comfort in the midst of tears, and His fellowship is constant because I hear Him say, "I'll never leave! People will know when the presence of God is in your life. Abimelech spake unto Abraham, saying, God is with thee in all that thou doest" (Genesis 21:22). He saw the overflow blessings in the life of Abraham. When the Ark of the Covenant which was the presence of God was hidden in Obed-edom house, it brought blessings on him and all his family. God promised Jeremiah, "they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee: for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee..." (Jeremiah 15:20). Thank God for His presence! He gives rest in your soul, peace in your heart and will give another rest when days are done.

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