Ever present,  Almighty God, continue to stand by our side as the old year trickles down to the past, and Father, open the door to the new day you have so graciously given us! First of all, we are so appreciative of days gone by, your hands have held us in the times of heartbreaking trials, you have wiped dry our tears in the hours of tremendous sorrow, and then you have upheld us in times of raging storm. You have blessed us beyond measure bringing joy into our hearts, established our way when the road was weary, put laughter in our souls and gave us peace when the enemy was raging. Lord God we thank you for keeping us from our sleeping time in mother earth and allowed us to see the light of days.   You have lifted up our head when it was sagging low, stirred our spirit to rise above circumstances, and invigorated our soul to stand in faith. As we move forward in time, we look onward to the challenges ahead knowing you stand by our side. We look with expectancy, move with anticipation, and press forward with determination. Our hearts are filled with excitement looking forward to what will unfold before us in days ahead. We can face tomorrow knowing you hear our prayer and hold our hand. We can sing tomorrow in the midst of hardships because we know you walk with us today. Help us scrape together the broken shattered dreams of yesterday and piece them together with the bright hope of tomorrow. We know there will be mountains that stand in our way, and rough roads to travel, but Father, strengthen our hands, order our steps and stabilize our minds, that we may trust in thee. Yesterday has been laid to rest; today is training ground for the battles we face tomorrow. Take this refuse and mold it, this lump of clay and breathe upon it, this heart and fill it with divine love, this life and restore it. Father let us cling not to time but hold to your unchanging hand.

      Rev. Charles Valentine, Jr.

Grace given to Humble    

Peter in this chapter introduces us to his excellent teaching on Humility. Which ought to be one of the Godly traits all Christians should be striving to obtain. That is a mind ruled by the spirit of humility. Lost in today's society is the character trait of humility. If a person is said to humble, people think of them as weak, timid, a groveling worm, a jelly fish that allows others to walk all over them. But that's not the humility of the bible. Its knowing who you are and whose you are and who hold the reins.  A humble person is modest and is not puffed up by the feeling of their own importance.

            But in our text, Peter exhorts the Elders of the church with all humility to teach the word of God feed the flock of God which is among you.  Peter one that was a part of the inner circle who witness the suffering of our Christ, walked and talked with Jesus encourages the elders.  He tells them to be subject to one another and too clothed themselves with the garments of humility.  Why? God resisteth the proud, and gives grace to the humble?


Rev. Charles valentine, Jr.

 “Actions Proof of Concept”

As I listened the other night to a pastors sermon I went home and began to read the same text for myself and I could not help but think about this passage and the monumental importance of the question Jesus ask His disciples. It appears that where Jesus ask this question is important. The writer let us know the location of this discourse is in Caesarea Philippi, a city that was a very religious city, a city at the center of Idol worship, it was a city proclaimed far and wide for the worship of Caesar and of the gods of one's choice, that is, the worship of all except the One true and living God. One of its most beautiful structures was the gleaming white marble temple built for the worship of Caesar. It is against this backdrop Jesus ask the ultimate question of the bible of His disciples “Who say ye that I am? At first Jesus asked “whom do the people say I am”? But then He put the question directly to His disciples and said “whom do you say I am”? See every disciple that is a disciple their life is ruled and governed by how they answer this question.Type your paragraph here.

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