Most Holy and all Wise God we greet you with praise and bow to your will in our life. Your kindness can never be told, your love has been shown in so many wondrous ways. How can we that are finite tell of the goodness of the infinite? Our tongues cannot speak, our thoughts fail us, our minds cannot grasp thy beauty nor praise be worthy of your majesty. Your graciousness is beyond measure; your love knows no depths, your mercy immeasurable, you shower it upon our wretchedness. Thank you master our breath is still within us, we still have movement of our limbs and our footsteps have not ceased. Our days written upon the wind you know them, the beginning and end of our moments are with thee, and we give praise for the smallest of time. Make us worthy of these days bestowed upon us, cleanse us pure make us acceptable to thee, that we might not be a rebuke in thy sight at life’s end. Father, strengthen us in your word to stand when all is against us, and fortify our will to forge ahead when fears assail.  As this year unfolds and we are bombarded with searing darts of trial hold us in your hand and keep us in the right path. Help us to stand against the enemy that is within and the world without. With eyes of pity look upon your children and hold us to your tender bosom in the stormy days ahead. AMEN.

Joel 2:18 (KJV)
18 Then will the LORD be jealous for his land, and pity his people.

Rev. Charles Valentine, Jr. Copyright © 2013 BBMI

Lion And The Lamb

 “Actions Proof of Concept”

As I listened the other night to a pastors sermon I went home and began to read the same text for myself and I could not help but think about this passage and the monumental importance of the question Jesus ask His disciples. It appears that where Jesus ask this question is important. The writer let us know the location of this discourse is in Caesarea Philippi, a city that was a very religious city, a city at the center of Idol worship, it was a city proclaimed far and wide for the worship of Caesar and of the gods of one's choice, that is, the worship of all except the One true and living God. One of its most beautiful structures was the gleaming white marble temple built for the worship of Caesar. It is against this backdrop Jesus ask the ultimate question of the bible of His disciples “Who say ye that I am? At first Jesus asked “whom do the people say I am”? But then He put the question directly to His disciples and said “whom do you say I am”? See every disciple that is a disciple their life is ruled and governed by how they answer this question.Type your paragraph here.


    You know many will not draw near to God and have a strong relationship with Him because they will not dedicate themselves to seek His face. They promise to serve to be faithful and in a few days or months turn back to the world. They forsake their promise neglect their Bible, forget to pray and soon drift away, like a ship at sea that has no anchor. Consistent Christian living is not easy to achieve but through prayer, Bible reading and fellowship with like-minded people a person can begin to live a life that is founded on God and rooted in faith. One must force themselves to do the things that their worldly nature does not want to do. But the more you know about God and feel His power in your life the more you will want to know. And the closer you get to Him the closer He will draw to you. Develop a more spiritual life today, set a time every day to read your Bible early morning before work or at night before bed. Fifteen or thirty minutes a day, have a time for prayer and ask God to help you on your spiritual journey to help you not neglect what you have started. And then fellowship, join a Bible-believing teaching church that stands on the word of truth. Find a mentor that you respect and has a good faith walk, is committed and dedicated to serving the Lord, not a novice but one that has a track record in the faith and has been faithful down through the years.